Our Philosophy of Working with Management Teams

Communication & Support

  • Open forum for dialogue without distracting the management team
  • Use the broad network of MSD professionals and Michael Dell as a resource to help management drive their business
  • Partner with management to build board of directors by adding individuals that management feels will help create value in their business
  • Focus on major strategic decisions and support management's efforts to achieve business goals while giving management room to run their business
  • Our best references are our past and current CEOs

Economic Alignment

  • Strong philosophy of aligning management with other long-term shareholders through substantial equity incentives
  • Understand the importance of periodic liquidity for our management teams and build this into our structure
  • Work closely with management to derive meaningful metrics for cash compensation


Advantages of Partnering with Us

  • Long-term approach to capital decisions and ability to pursue value maximizing strategies that require a longer time horizon than traditional private equity
  • No need to sell business prematurely to market a new fund
  • Access to MSD's network
  • Significant access to additional potential capital to drive growth of business over time
  • Align incentives with management
  • Equity ownership to drive wealth creation
  • Modest leverage to maximize operating flexibility
  • Understand liquidity needs of managers
  • Efficient decision making