Our Philosophy of Working with Intermediaries

The nature and approach of MSD Private Capital provides a compelling alternative to traditional private equity for your clients, including:

  • Unique understanding of family- or entrepreneur-owned businesses given MSD's history
  • Ability to be a long-term partner without the need to sell a business prematurely to market our next fund or meet LP liquidity expectations
  • Access to substantial global network of MSD and Michael Dell
  • Access to substantial capital that can be deployed to grow the business
  • Significant flexibility in structuring investments
  • Complete control over our investment decisions internally
  • Strong philosophy of aligning management with other long-term shareholders through heavy equity incentives
  • Although we avoid "auction" processes, we understand the need for certainty and achieving a "market-clearing" price
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Ability to respond quickly and flexibly