Overview of Our Philosophy

  • We partner with founders, entrepreneurs and management teams who value our type of "patient capital"
  • We prefer situations where being a partner with MSD brings value to the management teams with whom we invest
  • We use modest amounts of leverage and invest capital to grow businesses
  • We avoid "sealed-bid" auctions and, instead, prefer situations where founders, entrepreneurs or management teams view us as a differentiated partner to help them drive long-term value in their businesses
  • We are flexible and creative in our approach to structuring investments
  • We operate with transparency and integrity


Advantages of Partnering with Us

Patient Capital Base
  • Not focused on fund life: capital does not have an "expiration" like a typical private equity fund
  • No fund marketing pressure to drive a premature need for liquidity
  • We can make long-term capital decisions throughout the life of our investment
  • Significant access to capital to support long-term growth, an acquisition program and/or a business transformation
Michael Dell as an Investor
  • Experience in building global, world-class businesses
  • Access to some of the most sophisticated technology resources in the world
  • Access to extensive network of business and global leaders
Flexibility in Structuring
  • Flexibility to structure our investments without the typical private equity constraints
  • Ability to deploy capital over time into platforms and for follow-on investments
MSD's Broad Platform and Network
  • In addition to our private market activities, we have access to deep expertise in credit, real estate and public markets
  • We maintain deep networks of relationships with management teams, consultants and intermediaries across the globe
Alignment of Interest and Efficient Decision Making
  • MSD leadership controls investment decision making (three-person investment committee)
  • Significant personal investments from employees alongside Michael Dell, our managers and investment partners ensure that we think and behave as business owners and not as asset managers